A Battle Rosé: Stellenbosch v. Simonsberg

South African Rosé

Tis the season to rosé the day away, so how about a series on rosé comparisons? I think I shall!

I’ll go for some bigger name brands but I also want to go on an adventure with this.  Try wines from regions I don’t normally drink, wines that may be a bit intimidating, and wines that are just down right fun sounding!

First up is a combination of all 3: The Pirate of Cocoa Hill versus Noble Hill, two wines from South Africa.  So buckle up for this safari ride!

The Pirate of Cocoa Hill, Stellenbosch

The Pirate of Cocoa Hill is a wine by Dornier.  This rosé is made from Merlot grapes, which gives it the rich salmon color.  These vineyards also get the cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean and their positioning on the mountain put them anywhere from 100 to 200 meters above sea level.

The merlot gives off aromas of strawberries and grapefruit, while on the palate you will catch red berries and pomegranate.  It’s a dry wine with really nice acidity, making it pair really nicely with seafood and salads. I would definitely recommend this wine if you are doing a girls night in with a tomato & mozzarella salad followed by salmon.  The flavors will complement each course and be the perfect addition.

Noble Hill, Simonsberg

Noble Hill’s vineyards are in the Simonsberg mountain range, a part of South Africa that has been making wine since the 17th Century.  The vineyards run down the mountain slopes on the Atlantic Ocean side of the country.   The location is perfect for growing Mourvèdre, which is the main grape used in their rosé.

Originally from Provence, the grape flourishes in a warm climate and Noble Hill is perfect for production. The wine has aromas of watermelon and rose water, with a beautifully crisp, dry finish.  I thought it was absolutely delicious, easy to drink, and pairs well with a little something spicy.  It’s a perfect wine for an outdoor barbecue with wings, spicy corn, anything with a kick will be complemented really nicely by the subtle fruity flavors of this rosé!

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