Drinking Around The World at Epcot

Ever wanted to eat & drink your way around the world but its just too expensive? Thanks to Epcot, its actually not!  I started drinking around the world a few years ago for my birthday when I lived in Florida and have done it a couple of times since on bachelorette parties and it never gets old!

The first time I went was during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival so there were more vendors than normal.  I always attempt to start with a passport and make my way but if I’m being honest, you eventually forget to get the stickers, ya know what I’m saying?

I like to get the party started as soon as I walk in, so I veer left for Mexico to get a tequila flight and a margarita with a floater.  The Milagro Pomegranate one is quite delicious, and I don’t normally do flavors.  Its also worth it to go into the temple in Mexico and hop on one of the little boats to take a cruise.  The ride is basically Its A Small World for Mexcio, but its really cool to walk through the shops inside.

From warm Mexico, head to chilly Norway.  If the line isn’t too long, check out the new Frozen ride.  It was broken the last time I was there so if you do, tell me how it is!  I don’t usually make it a point to drink in Norway (I double up in Mexico) but they do carry Einstök which is an Icelandic beer that is very good.

I typically skip drinking in China as well but I do love going into the House of Good Fortune to see what they are selling.  Last time I was there our feet hurt so bad, a few of us bought slippers for the rest of our day!

Germany is one of my favorite stops in Epcot.  Perhaps its because I like going to the countries I’ve actually visited and talking with the people.  I can’t speak much in German but on my birthday trip a few years ago there was a guy working from Ulm, which is a little city, home to the world’s tallest steeple and the birthplace of Albert Einstein. I happened to visit the little town a few years prior to that so it was really fun for me to see someone who knew of it and for the guy to find someone who knew what Ulm was (btw- GO TO ULM, its beautiful)!  Anyway, back to the Epcot version of Germany.  At some point you need to eat so that you can actually make it all around the World Showcase.  Definitely get a pretzel here.  I’m a huge fan of big, soft pretzels, but they are also good drinking partners. You can also do a wine flight in Germany, which is great.  My introduction into wine when I was younger was through German and Alsatian Rieslings, so they always have a special place in my heart.

Next, we make our way to Italy. I think its one of the most beautiful parts of Epcot, although the drinking is actually not my favorite here, and some of the cast members have agreed with me. There was a weird limoncello beverage at one of the stands I had wanted to try.  I really didn’t like it and walked back over to the stand where the cast member graciously poured me a different drink and told me the limoncello wasn’t meant to be served like that in Italy anyway. However, if you stick to a glass of Prosecco I think you’ll be just fine.  Do enjoy some pizza here though at the stand towards the back and pop into Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar.  Its a nice place to escape the sun and have an Italian Sangria.

Call me crazy but I usually breeze past America.  I make it one of my resting points, hit the bathroom, and keep walking because I can get almost anything they have any day of the week.  Sometimes they do have an interesting beer selection though.  I tried a chili beer from Colorado a few years ago here.  I can still feel the burning in the back of my throat…

Japan is another one of my favorites. The food here is really good.  I had noodles and sushi, which tasted really fresh.  You also have to have sake! They have both hot and cold, so kind of depends on where you are in your day.  I normally do the cold sake when I’m here.  The downfall in Japan though is the frozen beer.  It sounds really exciting, especially on a hot day but I think its a definite pass.  Its just a normal beer with some icy foam and I don’t think that its worth the money or the space in your stomach.

In Morocco I usually dance to the music and play dress up. The cast members everywhere are friendly but these ones are really friendly.  On my first trip here as an adult they actually dressed me up in the full garb, it was hysterical! Its also a fun stop for food.  I don’t normally have that type of cuisine so shwarma, falafel, and baklava are very welcoming here. One of their drinks for the Food & Wine Festival this year is a Mimosa Royale with sparkling wine and orange juice topped with orange liquor – so, maybe you should start there 😉

Now for my absolute favorite country on the World Showcase – FRANCE! Grey Goose Slushie, Grey Goose Slushie, Grey Goose Slushie. Did I mention the Grey Goose Slushie? I dream of this regularly and force all of my friends to drink them with me. Also, crepe, crepe, crepe. Maybe I’m nuts but that plastic glass of pink goodness paired with a gooey Nutella crepe is quite literally heaven. Absolutely cannot miss either of these.

Onto the UK and Canada we go.  I treat these like I treat America.  You could have a beer, maybe a snack but otherwise not as impressive as the rest of the showcase.  The UK does offer an actual pub that sits right on the water serving up pints.  Maybe its a cold day and you want some shepherds pie while you take a break! In Canada, you can make a reservation at Le Cellier to enjoy some poutine, because, who doesn’t love poutine??

Like I said, Epcot has something to offer everyone, and while I tailored this to the 21+ crowd, it does make Disney with children a little more fun, or less stressful.  Check out the gallery to see pictures from my various trips.  Its making me hungry just looking at it!


  1. Antonio Cellini

    May 25, 2018 at 10:36 am

    I’m a new Tuscany Wine producer
    My estate is 40 km far Florence
    The wine is an Igt Toscana Rosso a mic of San Giovede Merlot and Petit Vetdot
    Do you want taste a nottle of it?

    1. jkirby925

      May 30, 2018 at 9:48 am

      Hi Antonio,

      I would love to taste it! I will actually be in Florence in July so let’s try to get together!


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