Eau Palm Beach – Girl’s Getaway

You know those friends that you swore you would never drift apart from when you were 10, but eventually life happens and you just lose touch? I had a group of friends I grew up with Jordan, who I have known since I was 5, and Traci and Danielle who I had known since I was 10. The 4 of us were inseparable, but then Danielle moved away in high school and some of our interests took us elsewhere. I did my best to keep in touch, but as a whole, the group drifted apart.

We all made half hearted efforts to get together, but finally I said enough is enough and decided to start planning a reunion. It had been 14 years since we had all been together, so I was PUMPED!   We decided on West Palm Beach and I had a connection at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, so that is where we took our luxurious girls getaway.

We stayed in a Lanai Terrace room, which has its own semi private cabana facing the adult pool – perfect for us. Danielle and I were the first to arrive so we headed to the pool and ordered drinks while we waited. Jordan and Traci finally arrived with seemingly an entire liquor store on the luggage cart, and we all fell immediately back into the old routine. We started ordering bottles of rose and the party began! Okay, so the rose is a new routine, back in our day it was raspberry tea and vodka.

Our pool attendant, Alex, obviously saw the party and the tips brewing, and was ON.POINT. He was so attentive, probably because we were the most fun (and attractive in my humble opinion) group there, but still! Breeze Ocean Kitchen is the restaurant and bar out by the pool and while we only ate there a few times everything was delicious.  The ceviche and taco trio (Mahi Mahi, Jerk Chicken, and Shrimp) were delicious, as was the Blood Orange beer float – YUMMM!  The best part however – the margarita cart!   I am a HUGE margarita girl, if my waistline could handle it I would drink one, or 5, every day! It is out by the main pool bar and has everything you could desire for the perfect marg from various types of tequila, flavorful add ins, and fruit toppers.

Stir, the resort’s self proclaimed ‘social hub’ has live music & a Sushi Social on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as Butchers Block charcuterie special on Thursdays. The atmosphere is refined and relaxing, with a fire pit looking onto the ocean, a glass of bubbly and great company, you have all you need.

Eau Palm Beach really has it all – great restaurants, bars offering incredible specials – did I mention Veuve Sundays?, a renowned spa, two pools, and beach access. The décor in the rooms and pool area are done by Jonathan Adler in blue and yellow and are so dreamy. Admittedly, I started buying accents in those colors for my own place.  Outside of our room was a nice grassy area that we watched guests doing yoga on in the mornings, part of the fitness offerings from the resort.  I skipped the yoga but did cartwheels out there later in the evening, under the moonlight.

We spent each day by the pool, always with our boy Alex by our side, we were trying to put him through college, he is studying marine biology and gave Jordan a very detailed lesson on turtle nesting. Eau Palm beach is certainly a great place for a getaway whether you are coming from far or a local to South Florida. There was a good mix in demographics: families, other girl’s trips (even a few pregnant women just lounging by the pool), and enough couples to make me miss my honey back home.

On our last day, there were scattered departures between the girls – mine was the last because well, I hate leaving vacation. Prior to parting ways, the 3 of us laid by the pool for a bit until I was the only one left. My waiter kindly informed me that the pool area was for fun and not work as I sat hunched over my laptop, but I let him know this was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. I relocated to the ocean, ordered a glass of champagne, and worked on this blog!

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