Guilt Free Travel with Dollar Flight Club

I’m one of those people who likes to pack a lot of cities into a trip,- see the basics, eat some great food, and if I love the city, I’ll plan to go back and get to know it better.  You all already know this, you’ve seen my multiple posts from Dublin, Toronto, London, you get the drift. 

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But what I’ve struggled with in the past was spending so much money going back to a place I’ve already been instead of somewhere new.  I long to be cozied up in the pub, holding a pint, surrounded by all the suits just getting off from work, wafting their Paco Rabonne Million cologne every time they start a rant about last night’s football match.  

Other days I’d like to be on the embankment of the Arno with a bottle of wine watching the sun set over Florence.  

One of my favorite places to sit and people watch in Florence

Now with the deals I get from Dollar Flight Club I don’t have to stress about spending so much money revisiting a place, because these flights are cheaper than the first time around! 

I originally used their free subscription service and I got great deals to my inbox but not always for my departure airport.  Now with Premium every deal is tailored to what I need, giving me a whole new worldof ideas where to go! 

I honestly think that Dollar Flight Club is the biggest no-brainer for any travel enthusiast.  It’s easy, cheap, and helps you to have more money to spend once you land.  

What are you waiting for?  Join me in travel savings! 

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