Mets Opening Day at Citi Field

Baseball is back!

It’s that time of year again at Citi Field! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and boys are back in town! March 29 marked the earliest Opening Day in MLB history and I was lucky enough to be a part of it.

I joined the masses and made my way out to Citi Field to see the Mets take on the Cardinals and let me tell you, the energy was electric!  Everyone was smiling, happy, and to be honest a bit drunk!  I’ve taken a few trips out to Citi Field to catch a game and here is my stadium roundup.

Mikkeller Brewing

New for 2018 came the first East Coast outpost for Danish brewing company, Mikkeller. Let me tell you something, this place was prepared for a crowd!  They had just opened 4 days earlier and it was bumping.

The entry was smooth, there were people walking around selling beer, beer stands in the corners of the brewery, a water cooler, the works!  The staff was friendly, smiling, and relaxed which is hard to imagine.  I spent years working in sports and the first game of the season is always a mess and tensions are high, but not here. Can’t wait to get back!

We only tried 2 beers: Log Lady Lager, which was delicious, and Damn Good Coffee Stout which had great flavor but was really heavy, 7.7% alcohol!

What to Eat

There is a whole movement in sports these days to diversify your food options and come up with the craziest menu items.  Don’t get me wrong, I love new things but sometimes you just want a hot dog at the baseball game!  If you’ve never had a Nathan’s hot dog, I highly recommend that with a side of crinkle fries, basic and delicious.  However, the options are endless at Citi Field.

We all know my love for the Shack, Shake Shack that is! It’s one of the reasons I love Citi Field so much.  I love the skyline lights above it, I love that last bite of the burger, and I love the cheese fries.  Next to Shake Shack is Blue Smoke, another one of my favorite places to eat.  Mac’n’Cheese with Pulled Pork is always a great idea in my book.

Moving on to El Verano Taqueria, home to two of my other favorite foods (I like food, maybe too much), Elote Corn and Queso Blanco.  There is just something about a Mexican corn that makes me really happy and this one was so delicious.  Plus, you can wash it down with a Hornitos Margarita or some sangria!

Other top choices are the Chicken Sandwich from Fuku and the selection of 6 arancini from Arancini Bros.  Plus, if you love popcorn like I do, its fresh, delicious, and buttery from the main concession stands.  Some of the best popcorn I have ever had at a game.

Citi Field Overall

Citi Field is a great experience and I highly recommend coming to a game if you are in town during a homestead.  It’s generally easy to get to by either LIRR from Penn Station, or the 7 line (The 7 Line is actually a group of fans as well.  You’ll see them around the stadium).

The thing that I really don’t like about it is there’s nothing to do around the stadium.  At Yankee Stadium you have the history of a Stan’s pregame or a party on the roof at Billy’s, AT&T Park has a million places to go nearby, and SunTrust Park has a whole complex with shops and dining around it.

Good news is now fans have another pregame option side from McFadden’s.  You can visit Mikkeller and have a great time too!

PS- Shoutout to TheGamedayChic for the awesome “Its a sliding into home kinda day”  Perfect for hitting up a game when you don’t have a dog in the fight!

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