Skyn Iceland Winter Break Kit

It may be Spring now, but with this cold weather in NYC my skin is still suffering the Winter Blues. I’ve gotten into a pretty great routine in the last few years that typically keeps me tip-top but I saw an email about this Winter Break Kit by Skyn Iceland as was intrigued.

The kit includes the Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, Pure Cloud Cream Moisturizer, and the Limited Edition Berry Lip Fix. So many products and it was on sale for $25! Total steal!

So one hungover Sunday I took a look at my skin and decided it was the perfect time to give this mask a go. I was dry and dehydrated from one too many sangrias and this was going to be just the trick.

I will say I was a bit confused to be missing the mask, as they give you a gel and a power that you mix together to create a rubbery paste. You then spread it on with the tool they provide. I was not so graceful with my spreading, in fact, I looked like a melting wax figure. Who really looks good with a facemask on though?

It sits for 20-25 minutes, as the mask sets on to your face. Once done, you pull from the outsides in and it really came off in one piece. I was quite impressed. But more impressive was the glow of my face and how much better it felt.

After cleaning any remaining mask from my face, I did the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen which has a cooling effect – perfect for hangover bags. Then added on the Pure Cloud Cream and the Berry Lip Fix, and voila! I was basically brand new and the best part? My hangover was gone! If only I had done this 6 hours earlier in the day…

I’m holding on to do the Eye Masks at a later date so will send an update when that’s been worn. Overall, I would highly recommend it. I conveniently ran out of moisturizer yesterday and have since ordered more Skyn Iceland products.

Follow my link and use code ’15OFFSUM’ for 15% off of your order!

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