Subway Series Recap

Subway Series Part 1

The rivalry New Yorkers look forward to every summer – The Subway Series.  We just wrapped up part 1 at Citi Field and I’ve done a little recap and some foreshadowing for when the series hits Yankee Stadium next month.

The Pitching

So the series started out great, before a pitch was thrown, I was in the kitchen with a glass of wine constructing a cheese burger that should be worshipped as a piece of American art history. Then Tanaka took the mound, and did what Tanaka does… Frustrates. He gave up the home run that all Yankee fans have come to expect and bemoan. Then deGrom took the mound, and every Yankee fan watching thought the same thing. “If he was on our team, we’re winning the World Series… Probably the next three.”

It’s simple math really. Friday: deGrom is better than Tanaka, Saturday: Matz is better than German, but Sunday at least the Yanks can count on Severino to finish up the series and potentially out duel Syndergaard. Unfortunately for all of us, Thor didn’t even make his scheduled start. Instead, Seth Lugo comes outta nowhere looking like Cy Young and shut out the mighty Yankee lineup for the first time this season.

The Hitting

The battle for a W was pretty intense the whole series but somehow the Yankees game from behind to win against deGrom and Matz on back-to-back nights. How you may ask?  A bunch of home runs, and Aaron Judge was right in the middle of the action, as was the newest Baby Bomber Gleyber Torres.

Saturday night German gives up 3 runs in the first including a homer from Todd Frazier who must have LOVED sticking it to his old squad from across town. Now Matz is pitching a gem minus a Gleybor Torres solo shot in the third inning. Then in the sixth with one on, Miguel Andujar let the world know that the new Yankee third baseman has some pop too, and tied the game with a two run dinger. And fast forward to the top of the 8th, Aaron Judge steps into the box to face Anthony Swarzak. Judge takes Swarzak’s first pitch and put it into orbit, 4-3 Yankees come from behind again.

But on Sunday, once again, it was Frazier to come up with the big hit.  In the fith inning he took Severino deep for a two run shot which would prove to be more than enough for Lugo and the Mets’ bullpen.  I have to say, I do miss having Todd Frazier as a Yankee.  He’s just a fun guy to watch.

The Finale

So my initial prediction was wrong.  There is a reason why predicting sporting events is a comical endeavor. In fact, I often wonder why those clowns in Bristol get paid so much to do it, when I can be wrong just as often and easily as they can.

The Yankees won the games I thought they might lose, and lost the game I was almost sure they would win.   My biggest takeaway from the weekend is that the Mets are actually a pretty good team.  I’m not sure why they can’t figure things out and put some wins together.

So what do I think will happen when the Subway Series hits the Bronx July 20-22?  Honestly, I think it will be a similar outcome, but you never know!  What are your thoughts on who will win?


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