Toronto in the Summer

I know, I know.  Its cold outside now and I’m doing a Summer post, but relax. I’m giving you something to look forward to! Toronto in the summer is incredible!  We went the beginning of June to see the Yankees take on the Blue Jays and had a fabulous time.

I wanted to check out a different place in the city so I booked us at the Radisson Admiral Toronto Harbourfront.  I can’t say its the most aesthetically pleasing from the outside but the location was great for a baseball game.  Our room was big, clean, and looked over the pool and harbor, which made for a beautiful wakeup call.

We got in on Friday afternoon, just in time to check in and make our way to The Lockhart for some Dementor’s Kiss shots.  If you read my previous post about Toronto, you know The Lockhart is the Harry Potter inspired bar and Dementor’s Kiss shots are ghost pepper infused tequila – yikes.  My reaction was much similar to the last time, in that I legit thought I was going to die.  Sitting here currently, still trying to figure out why I do this to myself.  This round was actually worse than the first time, as Michael could only take one Kiss.

Once it was clear I would survive the Kiss, across the street to Antler we went for dinner. We absolutely love this place and when we walked in and sat at “our table” in the front window we felt like we were home.  We ordered a bottle of red and settled in to start the elimination process.  Obviously, we can’t order everything and were torn whether to try something new or stick with what we know.  We ended up with the Wild Boar Gyoza, Foie Gras, Wild Boar Cavatelli, and the Spiced Ash Rack of Deer.  The Foie Gras and Wild Boar Cavatelli are still my favorites, they are unreal.  But, the rack of deer, which was the whole reason we went back to Toronto, was beyond worth the trip over the border.

The next day we were up and next door at Amsterdam Brewhouse for a drink before the game.  We found these wonderful adirondack chairs that face the water and watched the planes roll in.  It was such a relaxing start to the day and the view was beautiful.  I’ll be honest, we ended up coming back here 3 times in the same day.  You read that right, 3 times in 1 day we sat in the same seats at the same bar.  Judge away, it was perfect.

From our first jaunt to Amsterdam Brewhouse, we made the walk over to the Rogers Centre for the game.  We got there a little early so we could walk around and enjoy the scene. Lucky for us, it was the first day of the season that the dome was open and you can see straight up to the CN Tower.

But to more important things – food.  I’ve got to hand it to the Rogers Centre. Their food selection is quite spectacular. I decided to really go for it and try as much as my stomach could hold.  There were  chicken & waffles on a stick, beef brisket poutine, and ice cream poutine! Ice cream poutine, people! It was churros covered in ice cream. So good!  The beer selection was good too.  I tried this Bud Light grapefruit that I’ve never found in the States, only Canada.  Very refreshing!

After the Yankees won, we went back to Amsterdam Brewhouse for a drink and then made our way over to the Distillery District. We wanted to check it out when it was warm since it was a bit of a ghost town in January.  Michael was in the mood for oysters so we went to Pure Spirits Oyster Bar & Grill.  We had the most fabulous waiter who ended up introducing me to Vinho Verde, Portugese white wine and I’ve been a bit obsessed ever since.

It was such a nice night we really wanted to be on the water, so back to the Brewhouse we went!  I know, its nuts that we went to the same place so many times.  After a few drinks I said we needed to try something new.  Just down the waterfront was a place called Boxcar Social, where we went for some wine.  They had the whole Weeknd album playing which was great for just being outside on a nice night. We had a few glasses of wine and made our way back to the hotel, as we had an early flight in the morning.

A quick trip, but really a great place to go for a few days. If you are on the East Coast, especially the Northeast I highly, highly recommend Toronto. Its one of my favorites!


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