Travel More. Live More. Spend Less.

So you’re sitting at your desk scrolling through Instagram to escape from your desk temporarily and you are bombarded by beautiful people and beautiful places.  “Why can’t that be me right now”, you likely think to yourself.  Or, “Yea, if only I had more money I could be there” and “how do these people afford such vacations?”  

There are a few answers to this: 

1) They are trust fund babies and don’t have to work to be able to play (#superjealous)

2) They are like pre-DFC me and spend literally days, sometimes weeks, searching for an affordable flight to see this incredible world

3) They use Dollar Flight Club Premium

What is Dollar Flight Club Premium, you may ask? It’s this incredible service that does all of the research for you.  For example, I set my departure airport (Newark) and incredible deals role in to my inbox for Newark and surrounding airports.  No searching, just opening an email and booking flights like $337 Roundtrip to Zurich or $290 Roundtrip to Brussels. 

My Dollar Flight Club Premium account comes with a bunch of great benefits, all ad free!  Some of the benefits include: 

  • Every flight deal for your departure airport (4x more deals than free members get so you don’t miss out on your dream vacation!)
  • Instant SMS alerts if you subscribe to them
  • Average savings of $500 USD per international flight
  • Tons of partner savings 
  • At just $40 a year, you can book 1 flight and the membership pays for itself 12x over

Follow this link to sign up for great flight deals and by using this link you get your first week free! 

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