What I Wore: Opening Day Comparison

Sports can be a die hard passion or a social engagement, and no matter what side you lie on, it’s important to be dressed for the occasion. I go to a lot of games, and some are just for the sake of being at a game, while I’ve got no dog in the fight, see my MLB Roadmap for examples.  So here is a breakdown of what I wore to the New York Mets game, for the sake of being at Opening Day versus what I wore to the New York Yankees game, watching my favorite team.

New York Mets

I like going to Mets games, but they aren’t my team so I’m not going to be investing in apparel. This begs the question, what do I wear to the game?

I stumbled upon this great sports apparel company targeting women, called The Gameday Chic and I love everything they have.  I came across their baseball selection a while ago and fell for their “Its a sliding into home kinda day” shirt that I knew would be perfect to wear to games, like the Mets.  It still has a baseball theme, yet I’m not tied to anyone.

I paired the tee with black jeans, denim jacket, and Converse.  Easy, cute, and comfortable for all the walking around you do on game day.

New York Yankees

Since the Yankees are my team, getting dressed for the occasion is a little easier.  But, I had cleaned out my closet and all of the Yankees shirts I own these days are tank tops – not suitable for a 40 degree rainy day.

I left the house in a navy v-neck from American Apparel, my Yankees hat, ripped jeans, and my chucks again.  In the back of my mind I knew I was going to be stopping at one of the stores outside the stadium, as I have been looking for a zip up hoodie to wear.  Instead, I got a really cute 47′ Brand sweater and I’m now in love with it!

A quick tip – if you are looking for merchandise there are a few stores between Billy’s and Stan’s when you get off the subway that have apparel a bit cheaper than you can find inside.  I usually pop into them and see what’s new.



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