What March Madness Means to Me

Every March college basketball sees a spike in fans and viewers. Why? March Madness begins.  What is March Madness some of you may ask? Its the college basketball tournament run by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) showcasing the top teams in college basketball.

Its the time for bracketology, offices putting together pools for a big cash out, gamblers getting a nice Spring fix, and alumni of small teams making it in for the first time come out of the wood work.  My Alma Mater, Winthrop University, was the 65 (lowest) seed my junior year of college.

While people love March Madness for all different reasons, its always been a family thing for me.I was born in the Triangle, home to UNC, Duke, and NC State.  My father is a UNC fan, I have an aunt who went to UNC.  My mother, however is a Duke fan, my grandmother has a hall named after her in the Economics department at Duke, and a larger number of my family went there.  You could say I’ve got pretty deep roots in this area.

Sadly, I was never accepted in to UNC even though I applied 3 times. Alas, I did a turn at Clemson University and ACC basketball is second nature to me.  My family is very spread apart around the country these days and while we go radio silent most of the year, starting the first Carolina-Duke game of the season, our group chats are in full swing.

Every few years we will have a family event in March and we get to enjoy the excitement together.  By excitement I mean a lot of yelling and cursing, not just at the game but at each other.  What can I say, we are passionate.

March Madness is a time for celebration and Cinderella stories, traditions and upsets.  So grab a beer, kick back, text your friends, maybe place a few bets and enjoy the show!

Let’s see if I’m right!


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